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Negotiation Boot Camp - book by Ed Brodow

Negotiation Boot Camp: How to Resolve Conflict, Satisfy Customers, and Make Better Deals

by Ed Brodow (Doubleday)

Ed Brodow gives readers the opportunity to hone their skills so they can negotiate successfully at work and at home.

From Library Journal: "Negotiation expert Brodow has put his popular corporate Negotiation Boot Camp seminar into book form, offering a 12-week course (a chapter a week) wherein 'recruits' learn different skills until they can intrepidly tackle the trickiest negotiations. While his building blocks have relevance in the workplace with clients, staff, and management, Brodow's advice, garnered from the streets of his hometown of Brooklyn, NY, and his Fortune 500 clients, proves handy for everyday situations as well. Readers, for instance, will learn about buying a car or negotiating medical fees."

From Reg Nordman, Canadian Sales Consultant: "Wow! I have read many books on negotiation over the years. This is the one that quickly, succinctly and immediately does the job. Buy it, read it regularly and do not lend it!"

Readers learn:

  • The ten traits of successful negotiators
  • How to prepare for a negotiation
  • Strategies for adversarial and win-win negotiating
  • Making concessions wisely
  • Twenty proven negotiating tactics
  • Purchasing strategies
  • The secrets of sales negotiation
  • Workplace negotiations between managers and employees
  • Negotiating overseas
  • Personal negotiations: salaries, department stores, medical bills, etc.
"Negotiation Boot Camp is witty, incisive, instructive, pithy and chock full of real-world examples; it shows us how to succeed -- not just in negotiations, but in life itself. This is a must-read."
– Harvey Pitt
Chairman, Securities & Exchange Commission 2001-2003

If you are interested in upgrading your negotiation skills, this is the book to read!


You can order this book from Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble. For volume purchases, order from 800-CEO-READ.

Negotiation Boot Camp - audio book by Ed BrodowNegotiation Boot Camp Audio Book

Ed Brodow (Random House Audio)

Compact Disc Audio Book -- Three CDs read by the author.
Listen to Ed Brodow's new book at home or in your car.

From AudioFile: "Brodow has an ebullience in his delivery…Its comfortable length makes Negotiation Boot Camp a useful addition to a self-help or business audiobook library."

From a listener: "I listen to your audio CD before I go to work in the morning everyday. It's how I start my day. I do not have a whole lot of time to pick up a book and read about the subject of negotiating, so your audio CD is perfect. I've learned a lot, this information has sharpened my skills extraordinarily. I now look forward to solving issues rather than running away. I generate more revenue for my company by understanding that negotiating is a collaborative approach. I've listened to a lot of audio books, read books, and this is the most interesting and educational program I've ever used."

From a listener: "YOU HAVE TO ADD THIS TO YOUR COLLECTION. If you do what he says...you will eventually be a better person. I listen to this audio book at least once a month to make sure that what I have learned stays fresh in my mind. When I first bought the abridged version I listened to it every day for a month straight. This man knows his stuff. GET IT. It will change your point of view and your life. It will make you confident. If you're in sales or customer service this will increase your intelligence 10 fold. BUY IT...USE A CREDIT...BUT GET IT. I've been in sales for 15 years and I have learned more in this audio book than my entire sales career."


You can order this audio book from Amazon.com.

DVD - 6 Principles to Negotiate Anything, with Ed BrodowDVD: 6 Principles to Negotiate Anything with Ed Brodow

DVD Multi-Media Learning System designed for classroom facilitation and instructor-led training. The video focuses on the six most important concepts that every successful negotiator needs to know. Ed Brodow has created this practical and entertaining program that anyone can use to negotiate anything in business and in life. He takes the fear out of negotiating by teaching participants how to focus on the pressure that the person across the table is feeling. His legendary "meatball sandwich" story is just one of many great stories he uses to drive home his training in a highly entertaining way.

Course includes:

  • 20-minute DVD video with Ed Brodow
  • Participant's Manual
  • Leader's Guide
  • Interactive negotiation role-play
  • Customizable Powerpoint presentation

The best alternative to hiring Ed Brodow in person.


You can order this DVD Learning System from Media Partners.

Getting A Success Change - ebook by Ed BrodowGetting A Success Change: How to Be Happy in a World Gone Mad

by Ed Brodow

Ed Brodow redefines traditional notions of success, prescribing how readers can find it on their own, uniquely individual terms.

He argues that millions of Americans who have acquired the symbols of success do not feel successful. Instead of pursuing our true desires, we have been conditioned to seek the superficial, ego-based ideals of "fame and fortune." This narrow definition of success has trapped millions of unsuspecting people in lifestyles that do not satisfy their real needs. As a result, the most affluent society in human history is faced with an epidemic of depression, drug abuse, alcoholism, violence, and suicide. Brodow helps readers refocus their energies to lead the kind of life that satisfies their true needs. Getting A Success Change offers concrete, prescriptive advice for negotiating for the job you want and the life you desire.

"A guide to rethinking the meaning of success that may well resonate in these financially difficult times. Brodow's diagnosis of an all-too-common personal dissatisfaction is convincing, and his prescriptions are well grounded in both basic psychology and common sense."
– Publishers Weekly

       Learn more about this book at www.SuccessChange.com

       $18.95 Paperback
       $5.61   Ebook
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Book - Negotiate with ConfidenceNegotiate With Confidence

by Ed Brodow (American Media Publishing)

This is a book for busy executives who want to get right down to the nitty gritty of negotiation without sacrificing content. Negotiate With Confidence is chock full of practical, no-nonsense techniques to help you understand what negotiation really is and how to apply it in your life.


Fixer - a novel by Ed BrodowFixer

A Novel by Ed Brodow (Outskirts Press)

Power broker Harry Leonnoff takes on Mayor Fiorello La Guardia in this thrilling novel of New York City politics. From the slums of the Lower East Side to New Orleans, the Vatican, and the bloody battle of Belleau Wood, Fixer is the spellbinding tale of a fearless politician with a limp and a thirty-eight who is faced with an impossible choice between his career and his integrity. Ed Brodow introduces us to one of the most compelling antiheroes in contemporary American fiction.

"A passionate, tough and colorful story … fascinating!"
– Iris Rainer Dart, author of Beaches

"Breathtaking! A powerful story and a real page-turner. Harry Leonnoff is an unforgettable character."
– Susan RoAne, author of How to Work a Room

"A modern classic. Not since Edna Ferber's great novels and Betty Smith's 'A Tree Grows in Brooklyn' have I read a novel that is so lifelike, powerful and riveting. A fascinating read."
– Susanna Hutcheson, Award-Winning Journalist

       Learn more about this book at fixerbook.com

       $14.95 Paperback
       $5.99   Ebook
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Women From Venus - four short novels by Ed BrodowWomen From Venus

Four short novels by Ed Brodow

In Women From Venus, psychologist Robert Elgar's successful career as a debunker of alien kidnappings is sabotaged when a beautiful abductee charges him with rape. The Man Who Could Not Make Up His Mind is a hilarious satire about love among New York's upper crust. The Stamp is the story of ex-Marine Tommy Courten as he tracks his sister's psychopathic killer to a remote South American jungle. In I'll Take Manhattan, the Lenape Indians offer proof that their tribe is the rightful owner of Manhattan Island and they want it back.

"Brodow's novels are fascinating, suspenseful, and I highly recommend anything that the author has written. The perfect solution for a winter weekend in front of the fire!"
– Readers Favorite/Brenda Ballard

Learn more about this book at fixerbook.com/womenfromvenus.html

       $15.95 Paperback at Lulu
       $6.99   Ebook
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The Stamp - A thriller by Ed BrodowThe Stamp

A Thriller by Ed Brodow

Tommy Courten’s sister is murdered and the prime suspect escapes to South America. Intent on revenge, Tommy embarks on a dangerous manhunt to bring the psychopathic killer to justice. When he and the killer finally come face-to-face, Tommy is shocked by what he discovers about his own true nature and the path to personal redemption.

Learn more about this book at fixerbook.com/womenfromvenus.html

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The Man Who Could Not Make Up His Mind - A short novel by Ed BrodowThe Man Who Could Not Make Up His Mind

A Short Novel by Ed Brodow

Hilarious satire about a born victim and the predator who loves him. Clifford Day Vanderwall, a trust fund beneficiary who has trouble making decisions, becomes the helpless prey of predatory fortune hunter Shirley Horner in this outrageous satire about love among New York’s upper crust.

Learn more about this book at fixerbook.com/womenfromvenus.html

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The Stupid Bowl, short satire by Ed BrodowThe Stupid Bowl

A Short Satire by Ed Brodow

Holding court on his bar stool at a popular New York watering hole, Elliott Madera is a recovering sports addict who accuses his friends of being brainwashed by all the sports they watch on television.

Order the ebook The Stupid Bowl:
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